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My good friend, and classmate, Kieran, wrote a post on why he loves CUA.  I thought it to be a very fitting post as we both are coming to the end of our undergraduate careers here at CUA, and then being propelled in to bigger and better things and places, all because of what we learned here at CUA.

So, why do I love CUA?  There are many different reasons.  It not only has been place of residence for the past four years, it truly has been my home.  I have grown here more then I ever dreamed possible.  I have learned who I really am.  I have never once feared returning g to CUA.  In fact, I looked forward to returning to CUA after every break.

The Catholic University has become my home for many different reasons.  First off, CUA has amazing people, amazing groups, amazing offices, and an amazing Church right next door! (In  fact, I’m writing this by hand in  that amazing church!  Why am I writing this down?  I know not, but I digress…)

Lets start with some people.  I got to know my friends, people who I really do think I will be friends with for the rest of my life here at CUA.  People like Drew, and Kieran.  People like Chris, Chris, Ryan and Jimmy.  People like Tim, Ryan, and Zachary.  People like Frs. Frank, Vito, and Weston.  People like the Sisters.  These are all people who have influenced my life in a huge way.  I would  not be the person I am today without them.    I met them all in different places, through different things, at different times.  Whether at Freshman retreat under Bertha, or Esto Vir or Knights of Columbus, or even the Basilica, I am extremely grateful for the chances that I got here.

From Bertha, to Morality Pie, to Goffart, I will miss my home away from home.  I will miss all these fun times we have had together, but I will never forget.